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    Das Liddle Stik

    This is a fully printable "Das Liddle Stik" basically its a smaller version of the famous Ugly Stick and modelled from an RCM plan, this one

    (The source plan is the "Das Liddle Stik" designed by Phil Kraft and Larry Leonard for the 1968 May issue of the RCM Magazine.)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	banners 3d print.png Views:	1 Size:	73.0 KB ID:	67

    A word of caution

    Use the stl files inside the large zip package don´t use the free stl files in this listing they are not all the stl files and are not the latest.

    The wing has 1.5º of washout so it cannot be assembled flat on a table top! You have to joint the sections one by one vertically making sure the leading and trailing edges are coincident and well aligned.

    In other words, the wing is twisted, this is on purpose, assemble it as described above.

    If you´re going to use your own printing processes please note that the wing tip needs a double wall 2mm before it starts to curve for the tip and 3 top layers

    And the fuselage1 needs 10mm of hex 10% infill to create a firewall and slace for the battery tray, without these 10mm the battery tray will not touch the firewall.

    Better use the .factory or gcode files. Basic specs

    Print weight: +/- 850grams
    AUW: +/- 1250grams?
    WingSpan 115cm
    Motor 250watts? Needed stuff

    Outrunner 3530 or 3536 3s 2200ma/h battery 40amps esc
    2 hs81 size servos for rudder and elevator
    2 hs55 servos, one for each aileron
    2 wheels, the lighter the better, 1 rear wheel and a piece of 2mm wire for the rear landing gear.
    0.5mm or 0.75mm piano wire for the links (rudder and elevator)
    A colar for the rear landing gear, the rear wheel will be free.
    Two or four servo extensions for the wing servos.
    Velcro or a velcro strap for the battery
    CA hinges
    Medium or thick CA
    CA Accelerator
    A propeller
    10 M6X40 Nylon screws
    4 M3X20 steels screws and 4 M3 nuts and a few M3 washers.
    40cm 10mm carbon fibre tube for the wing (optional)

    Files provided:
    GCODE files for a Prusa i3MK2
    Simplify3D .factory files
    STL files

    There are minor improvements that I will add in the next release, all described in the text file included in the zip package.

    Download the files here:
    Or on Thingiverse here:

    Please post your questions about this model.

    I made my own Liddle Stik.I use an Ender 3d printer and have printed the plane in red and white. Because of the winter season, I have made a few more skis. I hope that the model flies well.
    2 hs 81 size
    2 hs 55 servos
    2 printed weels from my Edge 540 Hannes Arch
    1mm wire for the ruders
    1 11x5 Propeller
    1 28-36 1000kv Motor (300w)
    30A regler.

    Best wishes



      Thanks for sharing your build! looks great.