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Little "long"/"story" story - and a plans database success

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    Little "long"/"story" story - and a plans database success

    I volunteer at the Oregon aviation historical society museum in cottage grove Oregon. We are currently restoring a Les Long "Wimpy" the first successful full size low wing homebuilt airplane design(1935ish). Just the other day I was duplicating the last couple false leading edge ribs, we're getting close to covering the wings. One problem we've had is that the root ribs are not on the original plans, so we had to guess what they should look like from pictures, not always easy...well this morning on the weekly aerofred newsletter was a set of 1/4 scale wimpy plans with The "Long" logo AAAAND with the root rib template !!!

    thanks for the leg up!

    How Tom Story fits in, for the history buffs:

    Tom Story built his first aircraft based on the Wimpy in the late 1930’s. Though flown often, it was later purchased by George Bogardus, who renamed it the “Little Gee Bee.” This is the aircraft in which George made his several famous cross country flights to Washington, D.C., to encourage the federal government to establish the experimental/amateur class of aviation.

    In the late 1940’s Story and his good friend Dick Andrus built near twin aircraft powered by A65 engines. These aircraft would be known as the Story Special #1/N1337N owned by Tom, and the Story Special #2/N1338N owned by Dick. Story Special #2 would go on to be co-owned by Pete Bowers and provide the inspiration for the Bowers Fly-Baby. The Fly-Baby was the winner of EAA’s 1962 aircraft design contest. The plans for the Fly-baby were published over a series of 14 articles in EAA’s Sport Aviation, and nearly 500 of these aircraft have been built since its publication. These articles as well as copies of the Fly-Baby plans are still available today.
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    Great news indeed! This is the kind of thing that makes me really happy about the site! Please post a few pics of your Wimpy build

    Happy New Year!


      Here's what I have on me, I'll share more when I find them. The orange and black bird is "Story Special #2" also at the museum. Story special #1 is currently undergoing restoration by the local EAA chapter.

      This site and those like them are doing a major service in preserving history. Happy new year!
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        Started rebuilding the fuselage aft portion. The aircraft was shortened and wings clipped by the previous owner, were returning it to its original dimensions


          Measuring for landing/flying wires