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    Vodous Plan Translation

    I am in the process of cleaning up the Vodous Plan for laser-cutting, Attached is the image file, .xcf, as I have modified it in GIMP. I am very interested in making a 3D model in Blender. I have been using Blender for quite some time. The .xcf file has most of the text and call-outs pulled out into a second layer and colored red. The text/callout layer can be turned off for a cleaner view of the plan. The text/callout layer can also be printed on clear plastic for an overlay of the plan. My intent is to build this plan in 3D, Blender, to verify sizes then create an svg image of the plan that can be scaled.

    I am at a stand still because the Vodous plan is not in English and when I try to translate the text, with google translate, the plan text and article associated with it come back as various languages. Is anyone able to translate this document accurately so I can continue this project, without using a translation program? Due to the nature of the text and callouts being on a separate layer it will make it easier for anyone to translate into their own language without modifying the actual plan itself. I need a translation to finish gathering the measurements and assembly instructions from the article.

    Attached is my .xcf file from and a non-layerd png of the work ( xcf files are not allowed to be uploaded so the xcf file is on my OneDrive at!AhetIkCC6afBjTnv...FyRTy?e=2mCmiz )

    Thank you for your help with this.

    Wow, almost a year and a half... But I pulled out the text and will try to OCR it. I need to know the language so I can tell my OCR and I will be able to translate it to english. Here is a new png image with the original text. So if anyone can tell me what language this is, I can setup my OCR to read the text and throw it at google translate.