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questions to the plans for "drake" from arfei

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    questions to the plans for "drake" from arfei

    I wanted to build this plane but suddenly had to find out that I have sone problems with it.
    my questions are:

    how do I build the wings and why is there just one side of it?
    with wich parts do I close the uper gabs?
    and does someone knows a link or viedeo of an instruction?

    PS: I dont know the corect word for the part so pls try to explain it in a other way

    Are you referring to the "Micro drake"? (I see 4 plans for this model in different forms) If it's the Micro... The wings are made from sheet foam (size and thickness is stated), the wings are "formed" over a balsa block that is shaped to the desired airfoil. (the plan says to use heat but there are probably other ways to do it without a "Toaster Oven") The wings are simply glued together and held in place by the motor pod, which is then glued on top of the joint. I found this site for better explanation.

    Hope this helps.