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    Top Flite SE5A

    Hello. First of all apologies if this has been asked or discussed before. I suspect it has...

    I bought myself an old Top Flite SE5A plan last night (ID: 90569). It's going to be my first scratch build. The plans look great. They're highly detailed, but I'm guessing that it originally went with a kit. I was wondering whether I could ask a couple of questions...

    1. Has anyone got a copy of the original instructions they could photograph and send? Looking on the plans website I kinda got the impression there weren't any.
    2. The plans expect me to be able to make fuselage formers by scaling down and up an example that it is printed (F15). Has anyone got any ideas on how to do that?

    Thanks very muchly.


    Hi. The person supplying the plans came through and so I now have a copy of the build instructions. Thanks.


      I was looking through Top Flite's new assembled aircraft kit collection lineup. They have an impressive collection. I have an interest in the new Gold Edition, 105in WS, P-47D included parts for P-47-D Razorback (except greenhouse canopy available separately). I hope you do a Building Blog or Building Log.