Over the past several years I have been searching, and finding, various images and design drawings for the NASA Space Shuttle. I have posted one document to the main site called "NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise". I have already pieced together all of the pages into single foldouts. Many pages that makeup the foldouts need to be scaled slightly and rotated to lineup with its matching pages, this is a difficult process due to the fact that doing so can alter the quality of the overall image. I have about Half the work done and I am a bit burnt out from this process so I thought I would share my work to date, before it is lost to frustration.

I am not about to upload 93 images from this document to the forums or main site, I will leave that up to the site maintainer if he so chooses, so I will link here to my work so far regarding the Space Shuttle. All files I have been working on are on my OneDrive at https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhetIkCC6afBhkPx-d05LDNX8-c8 the images that are crisp and clean with all dimensions (Named starting with "SpaceShuttle-") are from the fire crew manuals that the KTTS fire department used for training and were not from NTRS (Nasa Technical Report Server) I am unaware of any copyright information or if those particular images are in public domain.

Jorge J. Pareja

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