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Hey Guys,
Just wanted to chime in here in the forum. 61 years old. Built RC models with my dad way back in 1966 when we had galloping ghost pulse systems. Built Tri-Squires, Falcon 56, Sky Squires, and others. Saw the dawn of Proportional Radio systems. My first Jr. Falcon had an escapement powered by a rubber band. Anyway... I run a fishing rod manufacturing plant called Cousins Tackle an have the ability to make carbon or fiberglass tubing of all sizes. Anyone have questions or interest, let me know. Thanks Wade


  • Hello Wade,

    Welcome to the site.

    If you like you can post the link to your site and perhaps a table with types of carbon fiber tubes and rods you produce,

    We also use resins and raw carbon fibres to sew and bond and join tubes and rods.

  • Hi Rodmaker,

    Welcome to AeroFred. I am 63. We have a lot in common from the 60's. Around 1965 a lot of my friends also bought Heathkit electronic kit RC Radios. We had a lot of experience building them. That got me into Electronics, Pre Transistor. They were all Tubes.

    I'll be contacting you about carbon dowels and see what else you have.

  • Hi Wade. new to the group, I had a wish list a mile long. Am 68.

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