For Plans requests please use the Wanted Plans thread.
Redrawing PDF prints in draft-sight (a generic auto cad program) .. making them more readable and easier to enlarge/ print.
Fred suggested I start with RCM pdfs since they are more complete... But, I was wondering if anyone had a request for a drawing to help me get started. I have been using solidworks now for many years so I will be a little slow at 2d...but I am slowing coming on line.. This is my way of pay back for all those free drawings I used over the years..


  • I'm not sure if this is the right forum to make this request, but I'd be grateful if someone could help with a plans request. I am trying to get a plan for a Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft in planform. There are some nearly perfect designs on here, but I need to get a specific external stores configuration for my purposes. I am wondering whether anyone on this site might be able to put me in touch with someone that could help me design the image I need?

    Many thanks for considering.
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    my name is david i am a old drafter using autocad 2007 love it all so use 2016 / rhino5 tsplin compuofil3D Dev fuz cam / fuz foam / wing cam / wing foam so if i can help happy to
  • Great, thank you for getting in touch. If you would like to email me at, I can explain a little more.
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