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New to the hobby and wondering how to work with 3 view plans? What is the process from 3 view to material (how to create and determine where the bulkheads go and ribs if needed)? Foam or Balsa.



  • Hi!

    You need to draw the plan on a 3D software like 3D Studio, Cinema 4D or Sketchup (free). If you are interesting in learning there are many videos on Youtube, just search for "model airplane sketchup"

    The idea is to import the views file and redraw the 3d over it then scale it to the final size and start making the plan itself, you can add the formers and ribs and all the parts as 3d objects. Then you make the software create the views again , like you had in the beginning but now you do it from the plan you have just drawn.

    Its not easy and its not for everyone but modellers can do anything :)
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