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I built a Tempo II at around 1982 from a kit imported from Balsa USA. The plan has unfortunately got lost, and the fuselage was totally destroyed. It would much appreciated if a plan could be provided to enable me to rebuild this fine flying aircraft. (Balsa USA did not respond to my requests in this regard). Thank you very much. David Swanepoel


  • Balsa USA Plans have been hard for me to find as well. Don't know why ... I really enjoyed their aircraft as well. I'll look around, but Fred should have about the best chance at that.
  • Dear ReKit, your reply is sincerely appreciated.
  • DavidAeroFred ...... Well I have used a lot of resources and that plan seems to be tough to find. I have good relationships with the AMA Archivist and Historian she is helping me. They are about 3 to 3.3 hours South of me in Indiana. I am going to make a trip down there and gather some other material and she is going to put me in touch with their Plans Archivist and see if he can not locate those plans. I hate getting stuck so I called in the BIG Guns. They take most requests by Email as they really get hammered, but they take forever to get back to you, really busy. I can go down and search myself, buy the plan, send it to Fred to add it and then you will get a new plan a lot quicker.

  • Dear ReKit
    This kind of generosity is not found every day.
    I wish you you success in your endeavours.
    Kind regards
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