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Well, I found out the bad news about Balsa USA. It was defunct, now it's back. Somebody must have recently bought them out, started a new website, and started an Online Store. Looks like they will have all the Rights to ALL the Plans as well. I miss my Phaeton II and Phaeton 90. There prices are VERY High a Swizzle Stick now costs $85.00 (they used to be about a $20.00 Kit) and a Phaeton 90 costs $209.00. They also bought up several of Laddie Mikulasko's, Designed by Laddie Mikulasko, the Northstar is no ordinary float plane! The Northstar accelerates ........... $162.00, the Force One, and Many Others. The real heartbreak with me is when I bought one of those kits I was guaranteed to get a Box of Real Balsa. Now they are talking about "Easy Assembly" or "ARF" stuff. It's an original Old Timers Heartbreak!! How could anyone bastardize a Balsa USA's Kit? Or Laddie's, and the other ones they bought up. If we don't get the original OLD Plans Archived, they will vanish forever, and sorry ARF Lovers, that will destroy the Hobby for me. I want to design, build, re-design, and get balsa dust everywhere in my own shop, NOT slap the wings and empennage together on my dining room table. Maybe there's enough call for a guy to start de-engering the planes and Drawing actual PLANS and PRINTWOOD. Making changes in Drawings. Shure Balsa costs more, but the fascination is also. You can also mix hand built planes using mixed media such as several kinds of Foam, Carbon Fiber, Glass, etc.

I was actually starting in this hobby when the younger kids could not afford to buy any kits or equipment and your parents thought it was a HUGH waste of money. We actually bought, or mostly borrowed, Magazines, of which I still have 2 of 3, from the middle 1040's to the middle 1950's, showing us how to make our OWN planes! You went down and bought a couple of large Balsa Blocks, the Fuselage Block you drew 4 lines on all 4 sides. These were your Datum Lines. you then starting drawing your aircraft design on one side. You used Vellum tracing paper to copy your design and transferred it to the other side. Then you drew the top and bottom as needed. Now you band sawed the Vertical Datum, Nose to Tail and cut the block in half. You banded the block together and just started carving. After the form was in shape you had to hollow out the inside. CG was tough to find.

One BRIGHT Star. I called the Bud Nosen Company. They are completely out of the Kit game. They don't have plan 1. They only sell High Grade Balsa Wood, Basswood, Spruce, and all other woods that are used in Modeling. So I asked about their Plans. She said they don't have a one, another guy bought that part out and went broke right away, so the plans are in the wind. She said try Amazon, eBay, etc. Another words they have NO INTEREST in the entire Plan Set. If we could find and Archive All of Bud Nosen's that would be great!!!


  • I saw a bud nosen kit original on ebay and they wanted $100+ for it. If a company goes out of business those plans should revert back to the original owners...who knows what is lost.thank you af,rcg,otz.
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