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    Amazing I can find hardly any info on building this Plane. I found the wing pretty straightforward, but the fuselage is different. Te HOB version which has more info is not as useful because they just glue a plastic/canopy/turtledeck to the top crutch. The sides, firewall and ply bulkheads are as per usual. I found a model Co. called Mountain Models that makes a 1/2A P-51 kit, but the canopy for it is backordered. A Guillows $00 series is a hare too small, and so I ordered a canopy for an ARES P-51 RTF from firelands corp. It should arrive any Day. I have the tail parts, wing , and fuselage "BOX" more or less built. I found that wetting the balsa til very soft and clamping it around the nosering for a few days til dry helps a lot in giving it a more scale look. I have'nt glued on the Nosering yet as I am not sure what Engine I will use. The shape and design are perfect for electric power and would probably be easier, but I'm just an Engine Person I guess.s-l500
  • I've made good progress, however, I'm having second thoughts about using Glow engine power. It is just more of a design that electric power will fit beautifully. I found the ARES canopy fit good, and used formers ad sheeting for the turtledeck.p51_brian1_lgm
  • p51_brian1_lgm
    i may put retracts on it tooimagep51_brian1_lgm
  • i have done a lot of car
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