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I'll be starting and documenting the assembly of the P-51D Mustang, files created by Stefan at and the printed parts created by AeroFred. The kit has been received, having survived the trans-Atlantic shipping without any damage. This is my first exposure to a "3D printed" radio control model and first impressions include the following: the structures are stronger, lighter than initially expected; the fits between mating parts are, as one would expect, quite impressive. The on-line assembly videos should be reviewed carefully before starting assembly, and it certainly appears that assembling the Mustang to be "equipment ready" could be done in a very short time span, certainly. More to come, including photos. I would be glad to respond to any questions posted here.


  • These are the printed parts for the Mustang. Note the intricate internal structure, exterior surface details, and thin walls of primary structure - .5 to .6 mm!
  • This particular model is translucent but various colors are available from AeroFred. Acrylic paints are recommended but I plan to verify that Rustoleum spray paint is compatible with the PLA plastic - to be determined!
  • IMG_4659
    More pictures of the piece parts prior to starting assembly.
  • Even accounting for 'first time' care and attention, assembly to this point went quickly, about an hour. Care should be taken fitting matching parts before c/a + accelerator is applied - a small amount of fine-sanding was needed here & there, not a big deal. Take your time to get good fits!
  • Assembled airframe-to-date, checking fits and alignments - all good!
  • Another view of airframe, note the intricate internal wing structure.
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