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  • Hi, Is there a way to search the plans for multi-engined models?
    I.e twins, tri-motor etc.
    Thanks for any tips - Mark
  • Yes, I have to make that filter but for now you can use these keywords on the search bar:


    Copy/paste exactly as typed above.

    Only the plans that have already been tagged will show up. We need help to tag more plans, if you would like to become and editor please let me know.
  • Great - thanks for that info
  • Hello I am looking for information on the swizzle stick 30. Building instructions. What dihedral to set the wings at can anyone advise thanks
  • Hello Steve,
    By looking at the picture and plan:
    I would say 3 to 5º

    With ailerons I would put about 3º without ailerons about 5.

  • Ok. You're saying that booklet just contains the is not a building log ?
  • Steve,

    Please login to the plans site and download the file. Its just the plan.

    Its a PDF file with the plan.
  • Texan
    Balsa USA Swizzle Stick I Believe is the exact same as the "Hot Stick". Either way the Dihedral should be perfectly interchangeable as they are both gentle Trainer HighWings. I used to build and fly them when I was willing to crash a plane by just wanting to go out and try to fly harder, with new maneuvers, then I would with my Sr Falcon or Phil Crafts LowWing Quick Fly III.
    I can NOT seem to locate the Balsa USA Aircraft Plans. There is a wealth of Plans there, they are just not coming forth.

    If you can not find the Swizzle Stick, the Hot Stick looks identical I have it. I have so much stuff to get on Freds site here, but it's on 4 computers and I want to zealously encourage both Scratch Building Projects, Building Log Projects, and "Building your OWN Hobby "Tool Set". Hope to see you up and building soon.

  • when I am trying to do a search, I put in say p-47 and I get zero for an example . HOW SPECIFIC DO WE HAVE TO BE?
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