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WELCOME! This Forum Thread says "Beginners". You MAY be a complete Newbie to the RC Hobby, OR, you may be an Old Timer that has mainly built Kits. This site is about FREE PLANS and the Forums are about HELP for you to Build from those Plans. But you need to be forewarned that there are NO, ARF's, or KITS here. Here we SCRATCH BUILD. It is a different mindset. It's not all done for you. SO Newbie or Old Timer NEW to RC Scratch Building WELCOME! Here is the place to ask your Questions and Share your Experiences, and LEARN a new way of doing things. You will Learn more about Aerodynamics, Aligning Aircraft, Weight and Balance, Building your own tools to do the job, and MANY other things.

Also, I have started to put together what I call "Teaching Aids" to help you along the way. These may be tools, or How-To, Videos, or other such Aids.

Let's SHARE this Experience. Nothing like doing it ALL yourself! DIY- Do It Yourself! It makes Flying even that more Gratifying!


  • this may be old but so am I. I like to try and build a plan in a small scale like 1/48. I built a fleetwings BT-12 close to that scale to get
    a feel for the profiles. I use PDFs to get different sizes in a clear plan. It would be easier to model one out of plastic clay,cut fus up in different sections
    and trace it on paper to scan.My copier makes really good PDF files.I also have traced a fus from the screen of the size I want. for this model
    I took the 3 view, scaled it up,traced on paper on lapt and drew formers,ribs,longerons, onto the traced plan. I copied thatto PDF to make a plan
    in the size I want.
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